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Roasted Tomato & Garlic Soup


  Sometimes a simple meal (like this one) is comforting, satisfying and so easy to put together. We have been having plenty of soups and sandwiches lately. A conscious habit we are trying… Continue reading

Chickpea Noodle Soup


  Spring has been here for a while now but it still kinda feels like Winter is in no mood to say goodbye and go into hibernation! The sun is beaming brightly spreading… Continue reading

Tomato-Carrot Soup with Basil Herbed Croutons


  At the wake of dawn, I peeped out the window to catch a glimpse of the sunrise and the sun was well, no where to be found. He hid behind the dark… Continue reading

Vegetable Minestrone Soup


  Want a meal to be filling and super-healthy? ‘Soup’ is the way to go; the one with lots of veggies, beans of your choice, and some comforting pasta cooked in a tasty,… Continue reading

Green Peas Soup


    Who doesn’t love green peas? And what better way than to make use of its rich fiber content by making a soup of it. I usually add green peas to many… Continue reading