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Aloo Korma


  It has been a long hiatus from this space. I was looking back at my last post and realized it has been a good 3 months since I’ve been missing-in-action here. It… Continue reading

Baingan Bhartha


  Every so often the heart lingers and my mind wanders back to the yester-years. The reminiscence of all the moments spent with family back home makes me feel heavy-heart-ed at times. Having… Continue reading

Fada Upma – Cracked Wheat Porridge


  Here is another breakfast/brunch kinda dish! And the best thing about it is that it is super healthy too. ‘Fada‘ as it is called in Hindi, is a coarse form of wheat… Continue reading

Egg Masala


  Eggs are so easy to cook with. Even a beginner cook can try and experiment well with eggs. It’s just that simple, isn’t it. We have eggs regularly at home….hard-boiled, omellete, egg… Continue reading