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Mango Coconut Ice Pops


The summer temperatures haven’t been raging this year in this part of the world. It has been a lot more forgiving that the last bitter winter. Blistering hot or not, no summer is… Continue reading

Mamidikaya Pappu – Mango Dal


  Ugadi is just a few days away and all the festive nostalgia has started hitting in. Mangoes are a significant part of this festival because this is the time when green, un-ripe… Continue reading

Mamidikaya Pulihora – Mango Rice


  Just like ‘New Year’s Day’ is celebrated all across the world as per the Gregorian Calendar, ‘Ugadi‘ is celebrated as the ‘Telugu New Year’ in my native state of Andhra-Pradesh in India.… Continue reading

Mango Lassi


    Lassi is a very popular yogurt based drink from India. It serves as a refreshing summer drink. There are different kinds of Lassi, most common being Sweet lassi and Salt lassi.… Continue reading