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Dynamite Shrimp


  This is a dish that both myself and hubby have been in love with from the very first time we tried it a few years ago at P. F. Changs. It is… Continue reading

Cabbage Chutney


    I love love love chutneys! They are spicy, really quick to make, you can make them using many┬ávegetables or fruits, and they are as good with bread or any other flat-breads… Continue reading

Cabbage Curry (with potatoes and peas)


      Cabbage curry is one of those curries that go well with rotis/chapathis as well as plain white rice. Adding potatoes and green peas to it makes it even more delectable.… Continue reading

Cabbage Kofta Curry/Cabbage Dumplings in Tomato Gravy


    Koftas refer to dumplings that are usually made with Cabbage, Sorakaya/Lauki/Bottle Gourd or Aloo/Potatoes. They can also be made with ground chicken or mutton (keema) similar to meatballs. When these koftas… Continue reading