Welcome to ‘The Flavor Nook!!!‘ – a journal of my daily escapades – cooking/baking, crafting, photography and some random rambling!

I’m Archana – the cook, crafter, photographer & writer of this blog. Born and raised in a colorful and historic city in India; now living in New Jersey with my husband who is an ardent cook himself and also the experimental subject of my cooking :-P.

This blog is born out of my love for food and photography. I was looking for something motivating and interesting to do in my leisure time and then it struck my mind “Why not write a food blog and fuse in my love for cooking and photography?”. This also serves as my recipe journal and a platform to share my recipes with other food lovers. Most of the recipes here are learnt from my mom who is an awesome cook, some from my mom-in-law a wonderful cook herself, some from my dear family & friends, some from inspiring food blogs across the internet. Most of the recipes you’ll find here are traditional Indian food. Apart from that, you’ll also find many of my favorite food recipes from different cuisines of the world. The type of food I share will range from simple everyday cooking to traditional festive food to fancier party dishes.

Apart from food, I have always been interested in Arts & Crafts (I guess I get that streak from my mom who has always been artistic). Iโ€™m mostly into painting whether itโ€™s water-color, acrylic/oil on canvas or acrylic/oil on wood. But, I also love trying out new crafts either to decorate my home, accessorize or for a functional use. From time to time, I have done a variety of crafts and constantly on the lookout for new ideas, so occasionally you will also see my DIY Arts & Crafts here.

Apart from all my hobbies, I may also occasionally share some random ramblings, thoughts and stories!

This blog was previously ‘Food Paradise’ and after a lot of thought I decided to change the blog’s name to ‘The Flavor Nook’ primarily as it struck a chord with me.

Once again, welcome to ‘The Flavor Nook’!. Your comments, insights and feedback will be greatly appreciated.

If you want to use any photos/content from this site please ask first or at-least provide a link back to this blog.

You can also drop me an email at theflavornook@gmail.com and if you are an avid pinner follow on pinterest.