Beach in a box

With stay-in-place and lockdowns going on everywhere in the world, vacations seems to be rather far sighted. So, when you can’t go to the beach, all you can do is bring the beach into your home.

I bought the sea shells and sand sometime last year but couldn’t decide on the frame type and size for a while. Finally, after getting the shadow box frame and painting the background it was just a matter of 30 to 40 mins to put everything together to my liking. This could also be a great memory/keepsake diy if you could add shells and sand collected from your past vacations. All in all a simple but beautiful piece to decorate your home!

Things you’ll need –

  • Shadow box frame
  • Sea Shells
  • Sand
  • Photo or Painting for background
  • Stones or Pebbles (optional)

How I made it –

  1. The shadow box frame I used is back opening. I cut an acrylic paint paper to the size of the frame’s back opening and did a simple painting of a sky-ocean-beach scene. I just used some tape and stuck it to the back ground.
  2. I placed the back frame into the bottom groove, held it with one hand and slowly added sand from the top upto the desired height.
  3. I then placed the shells and stones slowly on the sand and carefully closed the frame. It is a little tricky to add the sand and shells and might take a few tries.
  4. It can be placed on a mantel or hung as a wall frame to create perfect beach vibes for any room of the house.

With a tropical drink in your hand and this beautiful diy frame in your sight reminiscence your past vacations and dream of the future ones!