A look back & a step forward

The old year has gone….The new year has arrived…..Let’s leave the struggles & sorrows behind….Let’s take the precious joyous moments forward….Let’s step into the new year with a little more kindness & compassion in our hearts…..a little more focus in our minds….and little more prayers in our thoughts! Let’s move into the new year with hopes….aspirations and goals!

I wish all of you out there a very fun-filled, healthy, safe and prosperous new year…..Happy New Year – 2013!!!

Happy New Year - 2013


The year, 2012 has been great – I started this blog…..which gave me the exposure to try out new recipes, new ideas, new arts & crafts…..it paved a way to discover my creative interests. In the new year of 2013, I hope to do the same! I thank-you for all the likes, comments & feedback provided here by all you wonderful people out there. You have been such a boost for me to keep up with this blog….to keep trying new recipes…to freshen and lighten up old recipes….to share some traditional recipes….to make new crafts and share them with you guys so that you could make them for yourselves too….

I would also like to take a moment here and thank ViniCooksVeg for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ and LiveBlissful for the ‘Sunshine Award’ & ‘Blog of the Year – 2012 Award’. They have really lovely blogs out there and have been really kind for passing on these blog awards to ‘Food Paradise’! I always wanted to do posts on these awards, but there are certain rules to them in which I have to share some random things…..and I’m so bad at writing about myself….(seriously, writing the ‘About’ page took me forever!) that those posts never saw the light of the day!

I also want to do a round-up of few of the year’s most popular posts of ‘Food Paradise’. All of the posts are special to me…but now I share with you the ones you loved the most! Check them out….just in case you missed!

1. Sunburst Mirror (with wood shims) – This post will always be very special because it was ‘Freshly Pressed‘ on WordPress. All the likes, comments and feedback were just over-whelming! It is my beloved project because I always wanted an awesome ‘Sunburst Mirror’ minus the huge price tag….and this came out just perfect. It is a conversational piece and look gorgeous…beaming it’s rays in our living room!

Sunburst Mirror with wood shims
2. Polymer Clay Jewelry Dish – This is one of my other favorite crafts. It is just so simple and quick to make. All of you should try it out….use it to place your jewelry in arms reach….or make it and just use it as an accent piece for decor. All you need is polymer clay, a pretty design, some paint and just about an hour of your leisure time! How simple is that!

DIY - Polymer Clay Jewelry Dish
3. Vegetable Minestrone Soup – You’ve go to try this soup! It’s tastes delicious and the combination of a variety of veggies and pasta….along with the goodness of beans…and the aromatic flavors of basil….all in all make this a top favorite. Serve it to accompany your dinner or make it a meal in itself. It’s filling, wholesome and hearty!

Vegetable Minestrone Soup
4. Pumpkin Doughnut Holes (Baked) with Cinnamon Sugar and Chocolate Glaze – These doughnut holes scream ‘Fall’, ‘Halloween’ and ‘Holidays’. The flavors of Cinnamon and Pumpkin are enough to make these tempting and on top of that…these doughnut holes are baked! Yayy! Top these with cinnamon-sugar or chocolate syrup and gulp them down as a nice sweet treat!

5. Dum Aloo – Baby Potatoes in a Spicy Gravy – This popular Indian side-dish is simply drool- worthy! I am yet to meet a person who dislikes ‘Potatoes’. So, just try this out….even if you are a meat lover! The gravy itself will win you over with it’s flavors of beautiful aromatic spices and when you add these cute baby potatoes…this dish is just irresistible  Serve along side roti, naan, rice or tortillas!

Dum Aloo served with rotis


There are a whole lot of other recipes and crafts that too should to be on this list but well…may be another time!

On a final note, let’s talk about ‘New Year Resolutions’. Shall we?
I think one my resolutions for the new year is – be healthy: cook healthy, eat healthy and/or in moderation and exercise often. Although this has been my very resolution every new year (:P), I will try a little harder to keep up the resolution this year!
What are your New Year Resolutions? Would love to hear them!