Chocolate Rice Pudding



‘Chocolate’ and ‘Pudding’ – both scream ‘I’m yummy and simply irresistible!’. So, when you combine these delicacies with rice you have a unique dessert!

‘Rice Pudding’ is a very common dessert/sweet made in Indian homes especially as ‘Naivedyam’ which is food offered to God as a part of worship. There are several variations to rice pudding – rice cooked with jaggery, coconut and milk; or with sugar and milk to name a few. It is also one of the traditional desserts I often make for festivals and jaggery-coconut combo is my favorite one!


So, making a shift from the traditional recipe, jaggery is replaced with ‘chocolate’ in this delicious rice pudding. I was watching ‘Giada’s’ show on Food Network the other day and she made it look really simple to make. So, I made it with my tweaks and twists and am really glad at how it turned out to be! I used ‘Basmati Rice’ as I love the fragrance it adds to any dish. I also chose non-fat milk….well because the chocolate already makes this dessert quite rich! To add some crunch to it I toasted some cashews and raisins and added to this chocolaty goodness!

Whenever I cook/have something new or unfamiliar – a new dish, a new fruit, a new vegetable, I’m always reluctant. But, once I give it sometime I get more comfortable with it! So, this was one of those dishes as combination of rice and chocolate was something I did not eat before. So, although it tasted nice, I guess I will need to make this one more time to really fall in love with it!

Prep time + Cook time: 30 mins
Serves: 4 or 5


– Basmati Rice – 1/2 cup
– Non-Fat or Low-Fat Milk – 3 cups
– Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips/Morsels – 1/2 cup
– Sugar – 1/2 cup
– Cashews – a fistful
– Raisins – a fistful
– Vanilla Extract – 1 tsp
– Butter/Ghee = 1 tsp

1. In a sauce pan, add milk and sugar. Rinse rice under running water and add to the sauce pan. Keep the stove on medium-low, close with a lid, stir every couple of mins and let the rice cook until it is nice and fluffy.

2. Now, add the chocolate chips to the rice. Reduce the stove and keep stirring until the chocolate melts. Turn off the heat and remove from stove.

3. In another small pan, take a tsp of butter/ghee and lightly toast the cashews and raisins. Set aside.

Serve in dessert bowls and garnish with toasted cashews and raisins. You can serve this warm or cold whichever way it pleases you. I personally like it warm!


So, the next time you have your near and dear visiting you, surprise them with this unique dessert!