Turquoise Painted Glass Vase with a touch of yarn!




I love re-purposed glass jars and vases that are all over Pinterest these days! So, I decided to make one with a glass jar (actually a jam bottle). I saved the jar after thoroughly washing it in and out. I fell in love with the turquoise/teal/neon blue color while making the ‘Polymer Clay Jewelry Dish‘ and chose to use the same for this one too.


All you need is,


– a empty glass jar/bottle or a vase

– paint (I used acrylic as I already had them)

– yarn (preferably cotton yarn as it is thin enough to wind)


1. First, get the glass jar ready. Soak in hot water for a few minutes to get the label off the jar. Wash well in and out and let it completely dry.



2. Mix your paints to get the desired color of your choice. For turquoise, I simply mixed ‘Phthalocyanine Green’ or simply ‘Dark Green’ and white in a 1:3 ratio to get what I liked. Dilute the paint just a little with a few water drops.


3. Pour the paint into the jar and swirl the jar so that it painted completely inside. Do not use paint brushes else the paint will not make the jar opaque and will give an uneven look. Also, the good thing about painting the jar inside is that the glass above gives a nice glossy look.



4. I closed the jar with its lid and turned it upside down so that any excess paint would drip off in the lid.



Later on, remove the lid and let dry for at-least an hour.



5. At this point, I liked it but found it to be too simple. Just then I remembered I had some yarn that I recently bought. It had the perfect color tones to go with the teal/turquoise of the jar. So, I simply wrapped it around the brim of the jar and completed it off with a small bow to give that defined, finished look.



I might use it as a vase or just as a pen holder on our desk.


So, go ahead and make one just like this or apply your own variation. A low-budget diy that is decorative and functional! It couldn’t be any easier!