DIY Polymer Clay Jewelry Dish



I’ve been following this very creative blog  ‘Diary of a mad crafter‘ recently and came across a lovely jewelry dish she made using polymer clay. (She has lots of fun craft ideas with tutorials….be sure to check out her blog!). It inspired me to make one myself.


I have never worked with polymer clay before, but while making this jewelry dish I realized how easy and fun it was to work with.



Things you’ll need:


– Sculpey III Polymer Clay – 4 oz ( I bought a 8 oz packet and used about half of it)
– a design surface of your choice
– rolling-pin and knife to shape the clay
– wax paper/parchment paper/ziploc cover
– paint (I used acrylic) and paint brushes


How I made it:


I took about 4 oz of polymer clay, placed it in between a ziploc cover and rolled it into a circle of about 1/4th inch thickness.

I took a oven-safe dish and cut out the clay into a smooth circle and gave the corners a light design.

I have a nice hand-crafted tray that I recently bought from back home and really wanted to use this design on my dish.



So, I placed the clay on the tray and lightly tapped on the clay so that the design was embossed on it. I repeated the same for the corners.



Now, it was time to bake. I placed the clay into the oven-safe dish and baked it at 275 deg F for 10 minutes. Took it out from the dish and then placed on a baking sheet and baked for a further 10 mins. Remove and let it cool down. (After baking, I thought the clay would be hard. But, was confused when it was still quite flexible. So, did a little research and found out that it will become hard after it cools down a little).



I considered different colors but finally decided on the light neon blue. I chose to paint only the design and the bottom of the dish. I think it came out pretty well.



I guess I’m going to make some more of these and use them just as accent pieces for decor!