Rotini Multi-Grain Pasta with Tomato Sauce and Roasted Veggies



I love pasta but often hesitated to make it on a regular basis because of its calorie content. But, now that I found the Multi-Grain version, I guess it will be a regular pick from the grocery store.


Pasta can surely be made in a variety of ways – baked or unbaked with a wide range of sauces. For this recipe, I chose a tomato sauce with oregano and basil flavors combined with roasted zucchini and squash. Based on your taste buds, substitute with veggies of your choice.


Prep + Cook time: 50 mins

Serves: 3 or 4




– Rotini Pasta – 2 cups ~ 1/2 box

– Salt – 3/4th tsp

– Oil – 1 tsp

– Zucchini – 1 – peeled and diced

– Yellow Squash – 1 – peeled and diced


For the tomato sauce,

– Diced can tomatoes with oregano & basil – 2 – 14 oz each

– Onions – 1 small – finely chopped

– Mint leaves – a handful

– Oil – 2 tsps

– Ground pepper – 1 tsp

– Salt – 1 tsp

– Mozzarella cheese – 1/2 cup shredded + some while serving


1. In a sauce pan, heat about 2 tsps of oil. Add finely chopped onions and saute until the onions are translucent.

2. Add ground pepper and salt and further saute for a couple of minutes.

3. Add the canned diced tomatoes now. Cover and let simmer for around 12 to 15 mins. At this point, add the shredded cheese and cook until all the cheese melts.

4. Give a taste test and adjust salt and pepper if needed. Beautiful and savory tomato sauce is ready.



5. While the sauce is simmering, boil water in another pot. Add salt and a tsp of oil. When the water is boiling add pasta and cook as per the package directions. This particular Multi-grain pasta needed to be cooked for about 10 mins.

6. When done, drain off all the water and set the pasta aside.



7. On the side, start roasting the veggies you’d like to add. I just added a tsp of oil and pan-roasted the veggies with a pinch of ground pepper.



8. Once, the sauce is done add the pasta to the sauce. Give it a toss to coat the pasta really well. Also add roasted veggies to the sauce now.



Top off with shredded cheese and serve hot.