Chicken Curry



– Chicken – 1 whole (about 2n1/2 lbs) cut-up without skin

– Yogurt – 2 or 3 tsp

– Onions – 2

– Green Chillies – 4

– Cumin seeds – 1 tsp

– Cloves – 5

– Cinnamon Sticks – 1 or 2

– Ginger Garlic paste – 1 tsp

– Turmeric powder – 1n1/2 tsp

– Red Chilli powder – 2 or 2n1/2 tsp

– Cumin powder – 1 tsp

– Methi/Fenugreek powder – 1 tsp

– Coconut powder – 1 tsp

– Lemon juice – 1 tsp

– Cilantro/Coriander


1. Wash the chicken thoroughly and keep it aside. In a bowl, take this chicken and add turmeric, red chilli powder, salt, cumin powder and methi powder (Add only half of the required amount of masalas now, the other half I add it after the onions are done). Add about 2 tsps yogurt to marinate it and refrigerate for about an hour.

2. In the meanwhile, take a wide skillet and heat some oil. Add cumin seeds, cloves and cinnamon sticks. Fry them for a couple of mins. 

3. Now, add the chopped onions and green chillies to the skillet and fry them until the onions are translucent.

4. Add the remaining amount of masalas now to the onions (so that the onions take-in all the flavors) and fry for about 3 mins.

5. Now, take the marinated chicken and add it to the skillet. Cover with a lid and cook for about 25-30 mins or until done.

6. Finally, add a tsp of coconut powder, a tsp of lemon juice and garnish with some coriander. 

7. Relish this spicy chicken curry with any variety of roti or rice.